Life is tough enough as it is and the last thing you need to worry about is damage/theft of your car or your belongings. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have insurance. If you’re in an accident or a thief breaks into your car, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your insurance will pay for it.

Phoning around for car insurance quotes can be time consuming and costly. Instead of chasing insurers around, why not have them contact you instead by filling out your details here. You’ll receive quotes from some of the major car insurance companies in South Africa.

A Quick Guide To Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance covers you for any financial loss to your car, as well as damage/financial loss to someone else’s car if you were the cause of said damage. This is the best option to go for if you can afford it.

Third Party Fire And Theft

Third Party Fire And Theft insurance covers you in the event that your car is stolen. It also covers any damage to another person’s vehicle if the damage was caused by you.

Third Party Only

Third Party Only insurance only covers you for damage you cause to another person’s vehicle. This option doesn’t cover your car being stolen or damaged.