King Price is more than just a visionary company that’s changing the way car insurance is done, 1 decreasing premium at a time…they’re a force for good. And, they’re a tightknit, fun-loving family.

Like any family, they have a few rules. But King Price really don’t like rules so they call them values. And their values are more than just a bunch of words. They’re a guide to loving what we do and doing what we love. Which, in a nutshell, is making a difference in the lives of their clients, staff and business partners.

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The privately held King Price Insurance Company provides short term insurance to its clients. They offer a unique type of Insurance, with the monthly premium’s decreasing each month. In a short time, they have won a number of awards over the years for customer services, business awards and even International recognition.

One of the International awards was for most innovative Insurance brand, awarded by Global Brands Magazine in 2018. This is a great achievement since innovation is one of the companies main objectives.

Even early on, in 2013, King Price was awarded the Best Overall Newcomer and Best short-term Insurance Company, given at the South African Service Awards. More recently, they have been awarded Best Customer Experience at the Corinium Customer 360 Africa Awards. So, it’s no wonder many choose King Price as their Insurance provider.

Where did it all begin: King Price, a brief history

King Price is a young company, launching its services in June of 2012. They were the first Insurance company to offer affordable premiums, which decrease each month. During the same year only two months after launching, they had already sold 5000 policies by September. By September 2014 they had sold 100 000 policies. The company rapidly grew and celebrated its third birthday in June 2015.

Where did all this begin? The man behind the idea and founder is Gideon Galloway. Galloway managed to convince investors to believe in his idea and the company then launched in 2012. Today, the company’s head offices can be found in Pretoria, where all the hard work and magic happens. King Price is serious about what they do, but always present everything with a touch of humour.

Why choose King Price?

The main reason, of course, would be what they offer. Car Insurance, which has premiums that decrease each month. Your car, once sold, basically loses value. So, why should you pay the same amount every month if the car just keeps depreciating in value? This is where King Price comes in, offering you Insurance with a difference. You pay less every month, in accordance with the value of your car.

More options from King Price:

  • They also offer a discount, if you decide to Insure two or more cars. The more cars you want to insure, the bigger the discount.
  • You can Insure items like your Apple watch, golf clubs, bicycles and even your hearing aid for as little as R1 per month.
  • You can alsoInsure your motorbike

King Price Car Insurance Options

What does King Price offer?

  • Comprehensive Cover:This is in case you have an accident, which causes damages, theft and it also covers hi-jacking. It also covers minor damages to other vehicles or property.
  • Third-Party, Fire and Theft Cover:The policy covers hi-jacking, theft and if you are responsible for damaging another person’s property as a direct result of a car accident.
  • Third-Party Cover: This will help cover the costs for any injury to people or damage to property caused by an accident.

They also offer extra products, which are non-mandatory. These include things like car hire, credit shortfall, car warranty and car accessories, such as your mag wheels.

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Contact Details

King Price general contact number: 0860 50 50 50

General email:

Head office:
Menlyn Corporate Park,
Block A,
175 Corobay Avenue,
Waterkloof Glen