Travel AA Okay wherever you go! With Insurance driven by the AA, you can travel stress-free and relaxed wherever you’re going, knowing that your home and vehicle are covered.

The AA or Automobile Association has set out to offer services, not only to the person who drives a car but to all who use the roads. This includes the motorcyclist, those who are pedestrians as well as passengers. Over the years, the company has been involved in many projects and has been in the foreground when it comes to topics that are important in the transport industry.

The AA was involved in bringing the ‘crash test’ to South Africa, for cars sold locally. The test rates cars on how safe they are on the road. This can help you choose more wisely when it comes to purchasing a car for you and your family. The AA has also been involved in various important campaigns, such as the pedestrian visibility campaign. AA Car Insurance is a part of the Automobile Association offering comprehensive and value-added services to clients.

AA Insurance was voted the best insurance company for motorists, which was compiled by the website The information was gathered from the well-known website, which then compared the reviews and the services they received.

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AA Car Insurance Options

When you become an AA member and choose one of their product packages, you will receive preferential Insurance rates for your car. Added to this, you will also get all of the value-added benefits that come with being a member. There is also a membership package for those over 60 years of age, which includes everything at a discounted rate.

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Why choose AA Car Insurance?

AA car insurance provides a wide range of services as well as great benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Unlimited call outs per year
  • Towing services and battery services
  • Extended benefits such as overnight accommodation and car hire
  • Roadside assistance
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Repairing of glass or replacement
  • Concierge service: helping with travel arrangements
  • Legal advice
  • Reminder service: reminders for license renewals and more.

Where did it all begin -AA Car Insurance, a brief history

The AA has a long history, which began way back in 1901. During October of that year, a number of provincial and other motoring clubs got together and formed the Automobile Association of South Africa. The association was created to safeguard and support the interests of those on the roads of South Africa. After this, other groups began forming all over the country.

Later, in 1923, the Federation of Automobile Clubs was formed, but this organization didn’t work out. So, in 1930 the club was re-formed and became the Automobile Association of SA. This became official and under centralized and joint co-operation, which became effective in 1934. Over the years, the AA has tried to influence motoring regulations as well as petition the price of petrol.

The AA has grown tremendously over the years and has been involved in many decisions which revolve around the motor industry. One such decision, was for the compulsory use of the seatbelt to be implemented. In 2008 the AA approved the first female managing director. They had their 80th birthday in 2010 as well as their 100th board meeting. Today, the AA offers a wide variety of services adding value to the industry.

AA Car Insurance Contact Details

General Contact number:
0861 000 234

General Enquiries:

Head office Address:
Denis Paxton House
4 Hyperion Road
Barbeque Downs